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About Us

Happy Bundles is a non-profit organisation that can bring a life changing moment of joy to children with Cancer.


Happy Bundles was founded in South Africa by Dan and Candice Kriel after Candz was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in 2020. Candice and Dan have since moved to Seattle in America with their 2 young children and have registered and launched Happy Bundles in the U.S to take Happy Bundles international! 

No one ever sees it coming - Candice was a young and healthy mother of two, married to professional Rugby player Dan Kriel. After receiving a diagnosis like that, you are left with a lot of fear and uncertainty, but they never gave up hope! Candz and Dan could never have pulled through without the support of their family, friends and the doctors who treated her. After having to endure chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and radiation, Candice decided to give back!

“During my time of treatment, I was shocked and surprised by the number of young people and children I saw receiving treatment for cancer. The most difficult and saddening part was seeing or reading stories of what these cancer patients were going through – physically and emotionally”

Children get Cancer too.

Happy Bundles is a non-profit organization that brings a smile to children with Cancer.

There is no greater joy than seeing a child, their family and friends light up with joy and excitement when they receive their gifts.

We call on you to have some compassion and support us in making a difference and give back what Cancer has taken away from so many children with Cancer and their loved ones.

Please donate today! Let's give these children a reason to smile and feel special as all children deserve to feel.

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